Energy Healing. Meditation. 

Love & Light. 

Hello Lovely Ones

Step In. And take a breath. 

My name is Romy Green and I am deeply happy you have found yourself here. 


I offer here, a space of awakening and lightness within. A space of connecting with yourself in a format of love and lasting restorative healing. From here all things are possible!


You are not here to suffer. Every moment is an opportunity to clear whatever pain you are carrying and shift your vibration into one of love and light. If you are ready to take this journey into your magnificence, I am here as your guide. And delighted to be so.


A little bit about Energy Healing

When we work with our energy aspect we are tuning in to our guidance and intuition. Into the part of us that is connected in with the entire universe and all the wisdom that lies within it. 


This "tuning in" is one of the most amazing and nurturing steps we can take in our life journey. Aligning body, mind and soul allows us to connect in to what we really desire, what is asking to be healed and what is our deepest calling.


Through my own personal journey, I found that creating shifts within the energetic space can create such amazing change within every aspect of our lives. I had the immense honour of learning from my most incredible teacher and healer - Joy Truscott.

Energy Healing Sessions 

I offer one-on-one energy healing sessions, in person or over Zoom. To set up a session, simply book online. ​Or if you need a little more info I'm always happy to answer any questions via text / watsapp- please message me on +447895323607


"I am a drop within the ocean. But I am also the ocean"


Honouring all of yourself 

In this space, we deeply honour every aspect of you, heart mind and soul.


From this honouring perspective, one can begin to see their life as a set of possibilities.

with the freedom to choose the path of our heart’s desire. We are able to feel liberated by the knowledge and blessings within all of our experiences.

What is energy work about? 

What my clients have to say:

Romy is fantastic! She is so intuitive, insightful and loving - really the best type of person to go to for this type of thing. I am really new to energy healing, but Romy made me feel welcome and safe from the first moment I stepped into her beautiful flat. She walked me through the process, and as she was reading my energy I fell into the deepest meditative state I’ve ever been in. Many of her observations eerily pointed to things I’ve been wrestling with internally and hadn’t verbalized to anyone. I’m excited to go back and see how my energy has shifted!! Go see her NOW if you’re interested in achieving a deeper level of consciousness and awareness, you’ll be in great hands.


My Soundtracks for Creating a Space of Stillness and Peace


+44 789 532 3607

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